10 marketing technologies that will change the industry forever. Infographics

It is difficult to imagine the scope of marketing, which would not significantly change the modern technology. Companies that rely on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and voice search gain an advantage over competitors and create the future of advancement. The infographic below lists the 10 leading marketing technologies and their applicability in companies of different sizes. Which of them will you choose to transform your strategy?

1. Big data Improves the quality of customer data collection for fine-tuning advertising campaigns. It helps to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns. In the near future, big data will allow you to create attribution models to assess the impact of each channel on conversion rates, customize programmatic advertising and optimize video marketing

2. Artificial Intelligence Finds valuable patterns for more effective targeting and prediction of consumer behavior. Used by search engines to analyze requests and select the appropriate content. Artificial intelligence-based platforms create online chat rooms that automatically collect customer information and solve problems on demand. AI-based technologies deeply analyze trends, create detailed customer profiles, and help develop successful personalization strategies for better customer focus.

3. Machine learning Used in audience segmentation and embedded in analytics systems to track anomalies and analyze large amounts of data in real time. Robots have learned to create content. Banner ads, email campaigns, posts in social networks are generated in different formats for different channels. After analyzing enough data, machines can create and change headers to improve efficiency.

4. Bots Not only an effective tool for communication, but also a channel of round-the-clock interaction with the brand. Often used in sales and support, help find and recommend products. Soon they will be able to remind about repeated purchases through voice assistants. Communication with the chat bot can occur on several devices, be omnichannel.

5. Voice search Marketers use voice search to collect information about device users through search queries, keywords, applications, or voice dialing. Soon the voice search will be integrated with SEO. Marketers must learn to optimize content for interactive requests. The technology has every chance to change the approach to advertising on search and organic promotion of content.

6. Virtual and Augmented Reality Both technologies create an impressive experience that affects feelings and emotions. They extend the experience of testing a product, interacting with a brand, and making a purchase. They bring together offline stores and ecommerce, gradually erasing the line between real and virtual interaction. Can be used for storytelling and creating interactive branded content.

7. Internet of things and wearable devices Used to collect information about users: their habits or preferences. The more connected devices a person uses, the more opportunities marketers have to reach him with a current offer. Wearable devices transmit information about the biological states of consumers to the Internet. Biometric data can be used to analyze consumer interactions with a brand.

8. Blockchain With blockchain technologies, marketers can motivate consumers to view ads and interact with content. Decentralized blockchain-based applications can compete with Apple and Android platforms and support new co-operative economies around the world.

9. Beacons Collects detailed visitor information to optimize the shopping experience and helps create personalized campaigns based on movement data. Ecommerce companies can use localization to target potential customers that are within a certain radius of the sensors. Combines online and offline presence and provides a consistency of experience. It helps to determine which campaigns attract attention, and to show each client only relevant advertising.

10. 5G A quick connection allows you to load pages faster, reduce bounce rates, and increase your CTR and ROI. Will expand the possibilities of displaying advertising using VR and AR for an involving demonstration of proposals. Enables marketers to collect real-time data for optimizing campaigns and local promotion. These technologies significantly affect marketing and business, including: Data collection Data analysis Content Creation Content distribution Personalization Targeting and placement Customer service SEO

Technologies are developing and becoming more accessible. Based on Facebook messenger, you can launch your own chat bots, in AR Studio create masks in augmented reality, and the blockchain is already supported by messengers. The change of the industry under the influence of technology is happening now, you need to have time to master promising areas.

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