13 facts about everything you didn’t know this morning

Our brain begins to work before birth, and its development never stops. Moreover, in order for the brain to function normally throughout life and remain healthy even in old age, our gray cells need to be constantly fed with new knowledge

We decided to share with you the facts about which we did not know and which impressed us.

  • 1-A survey of 100 people showed how the choice is distributed in the game “Rock, paper, scissors”.
  • 2-Cave Shandong in Vietnam is so large that can accommodate a quarter of new York city and has its own climate system.
  • 3-Michael Phelps has 13 personal Olympic gold medals, and this is an absolute world record. The only person who could boast of such achievements was Leonidas of Rhodes, who lived in 152 BC.
  • 4-License plates in North-West Canada are in the shape of a bear.
  • 5-Some decorative elements are made of foam and covered with a thin layer of concrete. It’s cheaper than real stone, and looks great — at least until it breaks.
  • 6-If the eye has a scratch and need to figure out where she was, opticians dripping the UV dye and is determined by the illumination, where is the damage. This photograph shows a graze on the bottom of the pupil.
  • 7-The quietest place on Earth belongs to Microsoft. This room with concrete walls is needed to test new equipment, and you can hear a person’s heart beating and blood flowing through his veins.
  • 8-If the rainbow is double, the strips in each of them will go in different directions: one at the bottom will be red, and the other — purple.
  • 9-Apart from the fact that Hippo sweat is red, and it still is a great sunscreen and an antibiotic.
  • 10-Snail teeth are the strongest material in nature. They are able to chew even the stones.
  • 11-McDonald’s management planned to launch the sale of broccoli with the taste and aroma of chewing gum. This was supposed to attract kids to a healthy diet, but the idea failed.
  • 12-In the city of barle Hertog you can stand with one foot in Belgium, and the other — in the Netherlands, as it is there that the border between the countries. Some houses are divided in half by the border, and the laws are different. Thus, the Dutch authorities demanded that the bars were closed at a certain time, then visitors moved to the neighboring tables, which were already in Belgium.
  • 13-The skeleton of flamingos is arranged in such a way that in order to stand on one leg, they do not need to use muscles. The leg is fixed in place, and the body is balanced by gravity, so they do not get tired. But still sometimes sleep curled up

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