15 reliable facts that are very hard to believe

A lot of strange things happen in this world, and it’s almost impossible to immediately believe in the reality of some stories.
We offer you a small selection of such short and surprising facts.

Fact 1
In the event of the death of a Google employee, his or her spouse receives a half salary for 10 years, and their children receive a benefit of $ 1,000 per month until they reach the age of 19.

Fact 2
To become a driver of the famous London black cab taxi, you need to know more than 25 thousand roads and the location of 50 thousand attractions, as well as pass a special test called “theKnowledge”. Candidates usually need twelve attempts and about 34 months of preparation to pass the exam.

Fact 3
At the end of the Vietnam War, the crew of the American warship Midway pushed over $ 10 million helicopters overboard so that the Cessna plane with evacuated people could land on its deck.

Fact 4
Paul Kern was a Hungarian soldier who was injured in 1915 during one of the battles of the First World War.
A bullet of a Russian soldier hit him in the head and destroyed part of the frontal lobe of the brain. However, she did not kill Kern, but instead deprived him of the ability to sleep.
He continued to live a full life, completely without needing a dream.

Fact 5
In the African country of Lesotho, there is a runway where the airplanes accelerate, then break off the cliff and fall until they reach sufficient speed for the flight.

Fact 6
New Zealand trucker fell on a high pressure air valve. He pierced the left buttock and pumped the poor fellow with air, doubling his volume and nearly killing him.
The driver survived, but it took him three days to get rid of excess air by emitting gases.

Fact 7
Indian housewives own 11% of the world’s gold reserves. This is more than the reserves of the United States, IMF, Switzerland and Germany combined.

Fact 8
On September 11, after the collapse of both towers of the World Trade Center in New York, several fighters were lifted into the air without military equipment in order to prevent attacks by hijacked planes on other targets.

At the same time, the pilots were ordered to go to ram the hijacked planes and thus destroy their own aircraft, at the last moment using the ejection system.

Fact 9
The farthest sniper shot in history was fired from a distance of 2475 meters by British cavalry corporal Craig Harrison in 2009.
His bullet flew to the target for more than 6 seconds.

Fact 10
In 1995, someone dropped an old 600-year-old plaster figure of Buddha. As a result, it was discovered that a layer of gypsum hid a solid gold figurine underneath.

Fact 11
In 1982, a man entered Buckingham Palace and spent half an hour there eating cheddar cheese and pacing the palace chambers.
Alarm systems have never worked because they were faulty. He examined royal portraits and rested on the throne for some time.
Then the attacker drank half a bottle of wine, got tired and left the palace.

Fact 12
Initially, McDonald’s is a real estate company.
“We are engaged in real estate operations. The only reason we sell hamburgers is that they best generate revenue that allows our tenants to pay rent, ”said company founder Harry Sonnenborn

Fact 13
After hitting his head against the bottom of the swimming pool, a certain Derek Amato from Colorado woke up and discovered an extraordinary talent.
He manifested the so-called savant syndrome – a rare condition of the brain in which the so-called “island of genius” begins to act. He later became an outstanding pianist without taking a single music lesson.

Fact 14
Portugal decriminalized all drugs eleven years ago and since then the number of drug addicts has halved.
In the country, drug addiction is not considered a crime, but a health problem.

Fact 15
There is a computer application containing information about all the inhabitants of Iceland since the eighteenth century.
Since the country’s population is very small and amounts to only about 320 thousand, this program can be used to prevent sexual relations between relatives. To do this, you just need to enter into it both names of lovers.

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