19 year old Briton received a prison sentence for selling personal data for bitcoins

The Norwich Royal Court sentenced a 19-year-old hacker to 20 months in prison and fined $ 487,000 for selling personal data for bitcoins and advertising his services.

It is reported that Elliot Gunton (Elliot Gunton) sold personal data of citizens “for criminal purposes.” In particular, he also sold phone numbers of people, so that attackers could use them to intercept calls and text messages. Ganton requested $ 3,000 in bitcoins for his information.

Note that the “business” of the hacker flourished – law enforcement agencies tracked and arrested more than $ 330,000 in cryptocurrencies that Ganton kept. It is interesting that one of the reasons for checking the teenager was his message on the social network Twitter: “To have a lot of money is cool … But to have a lot of money when no one knows about it, this is much cooler!”.

Ganton had problems with the police before – he had previously been convicted of sexual harassment. At the next inspection, the police found evidence of hacking activities of a teenager.

🗣 “Ganton used the personal data of people and companies in order to earn significant amounts of money. But he managed to hide his activities, so we confiscated hundreds of thousands of pounds in bitcoins, ”said police sergeant Mark Stratford.

While the investigation was ongoing, the period of 20 months had already expired, so the hacker was released in the courtroom. However, he must pay more than $ 400,000 in fine. In addition, he has limited access to computers and the Internet for 3.5 years.

Recall that recently immediately three British citizens received prison sentences for selling drugs for bitcoins.

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