20 photos in an instant before death.

We wake up in the morning, start a new day, work, play with children, meet friends … Did anyone think that this beautiful day could be the last? Some people managed to capture the last moment of their friends and even their own. So what happened a few moments after the click of the camera?

War killed her
This photo was taken in 1942. The girl jumped out of the hotel window just at the moment when the photographer was walking nearby. There are suggestions that she received a message about the death of a loved one during the Second World War.

Deadly Air Show
On September 1, 2007, an air show was held in Poland. In an instant, something went wrong. Planes collided in the air. This photo shows that the second plane is about to collide with the wreckage of the first. Both pilots died that day. Fortunately, the audience was not hurt.

Two acrobatic planes from the Zelazny group collide during a performance at an air show in Radom, Poland, in this Sept. 1, 2007, file photo. Both pilots died in the crash, but there were no reports of injuries in the crowd. (AP Photo/ Darek Redos/FILE)

Last working day
This image captures the last moments of life of two Norwegian workers who carried out repairs on a wind generator. Suddenly, a fire broke out, cutting off the men’s path to retreat. This photo shows that they hugged, probably saying goodbye. Young people were 19 and 21 years old.

Studied and died together
A group of Indian students went on an excursion to the city of Manali. They stopped to take a photo on the banks of the Bis River. At that moment, hydropower plant locks were opened to release water. Station workers can be blamed for negligence, because they flushed the water without warning, from which many young people died in an instant. Water literally washed them off the ground. This shot was the last for more than twenty students who lost their lives in an instant.

Did not live to see the wedding
These young girls were driving in a car in a good mood. They took this photo, which was the last for one of her friends. The girl on the left was called Collette Moreno. She was only twenty-six, and she did not live up to her own wedding for only a month.

Girlfriend Collette tried to overtake the truck, but, by an absurd accident, crashed into a pickup truck. The worst thing is that the deceased has a little son. This is Collette with her fiancé. She is beautiful and happy.

Deadly selfie
Mexican Oscar Otero Aguilar was only 21 years old, and he died by an absurd accident, only wanting to take a photo. Oscar had a passion for taking selfies with various luxuries, but where the guy got the gun from remains a mystery to his friends. Oscar wanted to come up with an original shot with a gun, he waved it, and then put it to his head. But he did not know that the gun was loaded. A bullet wounded a guy in the head; he died on the way to the hospital.

She died happy
Perhaps she did not even realize that the moment of her death had come. Courtney Stanford was 32 years old, she was driving a car, listening to her favorite song. Just a moment before her death, the woman posted on Facebook her photo with the signature that the song of Farrell Williams makes her happy. In a second, Courtney crashed into a truck that was driving ahead, and died on the spot.

Photo costing a life
This beautiful girl was called Ksenia Ingnatieva. She loved to photograph herself in interesting places. This played a cruel joke with the girl. She fell from the ten-meter height of the railway bridge. When falling, she grabbed the cable, but it turned out to be a cable with high voltage. From the received discharge by current, the girl died on the spot. This is a photo for which she risked her life, this life was cut short.

He was killed by a hobby
Pavel Kashin from St. Petersburg loved parkour. It was because of this hobby that he died. The guy performed a difficult trick on the roof of a sixteen-story building, but unsuccessfully. This photo was the last in his life.

The last portrait of the victim of a maniac
This carefree girl was called Regina Kay Walters. She became a victim of the maniac Robert Ben Rhodes, on whose account there were many innocent lives. The terrible thing is that he did not just want to kill the girl, he enjoyed his power over the helpless teenager.

The photo below captures the last minutes of Regina’s life. The maniac cut off her curly hair, dressed in a black dress and ordered to pose. Fear, disgust, evil – all in one look of a doomed man.

Fell from the place of posing
15-year-old Natasha Lastun was often photographed on the roofs of an abandoned nine-story building. Friends say that she loved life very much. On this day, she and her friend again climbed to the roof of a skyscraper. Natasha posed, and then her leg slipped, and the girl fell down. The doctors could not save her. The photo is beautiful, but was it only worth the risk of a young life?

A moment before the attack
In this photo, a happy father with a daughter. Ordinary street, ordinary day, serene people. But in just a minute, all this will not happen. This picture was taken in the city of Om in Ireland. In 1998 there was a terrorist attack, as a result of which 29 people died, more than two hundred were injured. The camera that took the picture was found in the rubble while clearing the street.

Photographed his killer
This man’s remoteness wasn’t just to capture the last moment in his life, he was able to photograph his killer. Filipino politician Reynaldo Dugs photographed his family. They were so happy, because they celebrated 2011. It is not known whether the man noticed his killer, whether he could understand that this was the last moment in his life.

Autographed his killer
This is one of the latest photos of the world famous and beloved by millions of musician John Lennon. In this picture, not only the singer, but also his killer. It seems that a quiet and modest fan is just waiting in line to get an autograph. But the crazy Mark David Chapman shot Lennon only because he was on his list of celebrities to be killed. This photo was taken an hour before the musician’s death.

Just a moment before hitting
In 2001, the tragedy that unfolded in the United States was spoken in all developed countries of the world. On this terrible day nearly 3,000 people died. This was not a global catastrophe or rampant disaster. This picture shows how a second plane with suicide bombers and hostages on board is about to crash into the second tower of the World Trade Center. The people who were in the tower were probably already in panic, but they did not suspect that in a few seconds they would face the same fate as the unfortunates in the first tower.

Awful price per show
In 2002, our country was shocked by the terrible news of the tragedy at the air show at the airfield in Sknilovo. In a second this plane will crash into the ground. Many people who stand on earth will not be able to survive. This disaster broke records for the number of victims in an air show.

Did not reach the stars
In this last photo, the happy crew of the world-famous shuttle Challenger, which crashed a few minutes after the launch. None of its members survived. But the horrifying thing is that some astronauts were able to survive the collapse of the ship, and died from the shuttle hitting the water. Many thousands of people saw this tragedy from TV screens. On that day, mankind crossed the thin line between the show and the death of people.

Suicide in front of cameras
This is the last photo of American politician Robert Bat Dwyer. He was accused of bribery. Under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania, he was facing up to 55 years in prison. He put together a press conference. Journalists expected him to refute these allegations. But in the middle of his speech, the politician began to hand out some envelopes. And then he took out a gun and addressed the people in the hall: “If any of you are unpleasant, you can leave the hall.” A moment later he shot himself. Many years later, it turned out that the charges against Robert Bat Dwyer were falsified.

Where were the adults when the baby was dying?
This photo seems unrealistic or staged. But the whole horror is that this is a picture of a girl who was slowly dying for several days, and no one could help her. Omaira Sanchez was crushed by the wreckage of a house after a natural disaster when a volcano erupted in Colombia. She spent three days in the water. Various infections got into the wounds on the body, from which the girl died. In her eyes there is sadness and an understanding of inevitability. Looking at this photo, you think about what all our technological progress is worth if so many adults could not save one child?

He looked into the eyes of death
In this picture, 58-year-old Ki Suk Khan looks into the eyes of death and can do nothing. A homeless man pushed him under the train, with which Khan argued a few minutes before. In this photo, the expectation of his own death froze.
Many of these unfortunate people died as a result of disasters, terrible coincidences and their own carelessness. Is a good shot worth living? Was it worth risking yourself for the first place in the search engine bar?

Appreciate life, and let only happy faces be on your photos.

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