26 facts about Japan that will amaze you

You do not want to fly to Japan? Well, oh, a very curious country, as it is called “the rising sun.” Read about some incredibly curious facts about Japan and the Japanese.

The land of the rising sun is, without any exaggeration, unique. Here, ancient traditions and nanotechnology are so harmoniously and surprisingly combined. I decided to collect the most interesting facts about Japan that will certainly surprise you.

Fact No. 1. The Japanese respect those who know at least a couple of phrases in their language, since they believe that it is very difficult to learn Japanese.

Fact No. 2. In Japanese, the words “idiot” and “fool” are considered the most powerful insults.

Fact No. 3. The Japanese eat dolphins. From these cute animals cook kushiyaki (such as grill), make soup and even eat raw.

Fact No. 4. In Japan, it is not customary to tip the waiter. While the client pays the assigned price for any service, he is on an equal footing with the seller. If you leave a tip, then depreciate the service.

Fact No. 5. The Japanese are very honest. If you lost your wallet, then it will be returned to you in 90% of cases.

So, in 2016, only residents of Tokyo found on the street and returned $ 32.5 million to the police.

Fact No. 6. Apparently, therefore, during disasters in the country there is no looting.

Fact No. 7. The attitude towards pornography in Japan is rather strange. Previously, every hotel had adult magazines. Well, hentai is generally sold in the public domain everywhere: in any grocery store there is a specially designated shelf, and in bookstores – whole floors. Magazines are even read in the subway, wrapped in a cover, and sold to minors

Fact No. 8. Tokyo is considered the safest city in the world. So safe that even children between the ages of 6-7 travel without parents in public transport.

Fact No. 9. 13 years is the age of consent. This means that from this age on, voluntary sex is not considered rape.

Fact No. 10. In a Japanese family, it is perfectly normal for a brother and sister to not communicate and, moreover, to not know each other’s phone numbers.

Fact No. 11. The Japanese are real workaholics. They can work 15-18 hours without a lunch break. And to come to work on time, they are not accepted. At the workplace you need to be at least half an hour.

Fact No. 12. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Japanese have such a concept as “karoshi”, which means “sudden death in the workplace caused by fatigue and overwork”.

Each year, such a diagnosis takes the lives of approximately 10 thousand people.

Fact No. 13. In Japan, there is no ice: in cities located in the north of the country, sidewalks are heated. True, there is no central heating in the apartments here, so everyone heats their housing as they can.

Fact No. 14. In Japan, 90% of the garbage is recycled. They do not have garbage cans, all the trash local residents carry home, where it is sorted into glass, recycled, burned and not burned.

Fact No. 15. On the streets of Japan are vases with umbrellas. If it suddenly began to rain, then you can use them completely free of charge. When the rain ends, the umbrella is left in the nearest vase.

Fact No. 16. Feeling the girls on the subway is almost a Japanese sport. In order to avoid this, at rush hour on the subway, women ride in separate wagons.

Fact No. 17. The school year in Japan begins in April and consists of three semesters. The biggest summer vacations are almost a month and a half.

Fact No. 18. In Japanese, there are no names for the months of the year, they are denoted by serial numbers.

Fact No. 19. The question of honor is very acute for the Japanese. For example, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama resigned after he failed to fulfill election promises, and this is not an isolated case.

Fact No. 20. In Japan, today, 30% of weddings take place after the bride and groom organized by the parents of the bride and groom and matchmaking.

Fact No. 21. Japan is the only country in the world headed by the emperor.

Fact No. 22. The imperial dynasty in Japan was never interrupted.

Today, the country is ruled by Emperor Akihito, he is a direct descendant of the first Emperor Jimmu, who founded Japan in 660 BC.

by Emperor Akihito

Fact No. 23. In Japan, you will not meet guest workers. The fact is that the law applies here: the minimum salary of a foreign employee must exceed the average salary of a Japanese. Therefore, the road is always open for highly paid specialists, and unskilled labor does not dump the salaries of local residents.

Fact No. 24. Japanese has several levels of politeness: conversational, respectful, polite and very polite. Men usually speak at a conversation level, and women at a respectful level.

Fact No. 25. More than 98% of the country’s inhabitants are Japanese.

Fact No. 26. The ninth article of the Japanese constitution prohibits a country from having its own army and participating in wars. The armed forces in the country are called self-defense forces, their activities are very limited.

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