3M translates customer interaction to the blockchain.

3M launches a large-scale technology project aimed at improving customer interaction.

As part of this initiative, a number of 3M products for the auto repair business will be equipped with NFC tags and QR codes that scan which customers can receive unique multimedia content, as well as participate in 3M loyalty program based on a specially designed 3M.

-Auto mobile app.
Technically, the project is implemented on the basis of the Verisium project solution, which uses the Quorum blockchain platform from JP Morgan and Microsoft architectural services in the Azure cloud. Allows you to track NFC-tags and QR-codes in the system, ensuring the authenticity of the goods. Verisium is a resident of the Kaspersky Lab innovation center.
Buyers will be able to scan QR codes on the product using smartphones, access information about it, instructions and professional tips for using it. In addition, for each product scanned in the 3M-Auto application, the customer will receive points, which can later be exchanged for prizes from 3M. This application is an additional option of the loyalty program “Accelerate with 3M!”, Which facilitates the process of accumulating and recording points by participants. The application was developed by DataArt, a Microsoft partner.

To ensure the uniqueness of reading QR codes, they will be protected with a scratch film. Protection against code falsification attempts is provided by the display system in the application when re-scanning the same code. Verisium platform provides authentication of each product represented in the system. The blockchain technology in the Microsoft Azure cloud provides secure storage and protection against unauthorized access.
The implementation of this project will allow 3M to better understand and analyze customer needs and, based on the purchase information contained in the 3M-Auto application, create personalized offers.
The loyalty program focused on 3M car repair products: abrasive and polishing materials, masking solutions, the PPS ™ paint preparation and blending system, sealants and adhesives.

A separate group of 3M products – polishing pastes – in pilot testing is equipped with NFC tags, each of which is synchronized with the product pages on the Verisium platform in the Microsoft Azure cloud. When reading an NFC tag from a smartphone, the user will see a product card with video, photos and text instructions, as well as tips on using it from car repair specialists. Unlike the scratch-protected QR-code used in the framework of the loyalty program, the system with the NFC-tag allows you to scan the product several times (for example, even before buying in the store).

The example of 3M, the largest international company, is a landmark for the entire market. This is one of the first real commercial projects of this scale that uses the cloud and blockchain to create a completely new business model of communication with its customers. Its uniqueness is also in the fact that such a number of companies from the Microsoft global partner ecosystem took part in its implementation: Verisium, DataArt, J.P. Morgan. The joint efforts of all parties, from the point of view of both technology and business, will ensure the continued success of this initiative in the framework of the large-scale digital transformation 3M.

Source: Microsoft

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