5 popular countries among tourists where you can sit down to use the Internet

To avoid unpleasant situations when going on vacation, it is sometimes useful to learn a little more about the country you are going to.

Daniel Markuson

NordVPN digital privacy expert Daniel Markuson believes that on the eve of the trip, it’s wise to check which Internet restrictions apply in a particular country, whether they can be circumvented and what it will be. It is clear that there is no way to do without a VPN, however, it is worth remembering that in many places the technology, although not prohibited, is considered undesirable and even illegal. So, we represent six countries where fairly strict rules apply that restrict freedom on the Internet.


This country is a world leader in Internet censorship. All VPNs used in China must comply with government regulations. However, it is rather difficult to understand local laws, as in many cases they are simply “turned a blind eye”. One way or another, we did not find publicly available information about foreigners who encountered more or less serious problems when using a VPN.


Turkey has recently taken a sharp turn towards authoritarianism. Over the past few years, many websites or applications have been blocked, and independent journalists have ended up in jail. Even giants such as Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook are experiencing censorship problems in Turkey. As expected, people started using VPNs, which ultimately led to a ban on VPNs.


On the one hand, a VPN in the United Arab Emirates is not illegal if the technology is not used to violate the law. On the other hand, the country has banned many sites, and in the past even Skype was banned. In this connection, the question arises: is visiting a site or using a service blocked by the state a crime? And if the government accuses you of using VPN for criminal purposes, how can you prove that you are not guilty, because there are no consequences ?! As a result, the severity of the laws of the UAE severely limits the use of anonymizers.


Egyptians are known to be prohibited from visiting certain websites. This trend has only intensified over the past few years. Numerous international and even local sources of information are blocked. VPN, of course, makes the Internet more accessible. Recently, however, there has often been talk of banning the use of technology.


Vietnam is known as one of the friendliest countries in the world. It is very popular among foreigners, including from Russia. However, government agencies monitor almost all Internet users, and tourists often fall into the field of view of local special services.

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