5 ridiculous business ideas that brought millions

As practice shows, with a competent approach, even the strangest idea can turn into a profitable project.

To create a successful business, it is not necessary to have a large initial capital. What is more important is an unusual idea, perseverance and thinking of an entrepreneur.

For example, a Chinese businessman Chen Guangbiao decided to sell canned air several years ago. In just eight days, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom bought from him about 10 million aluminum cans at a price of 80 cents apiece.

Among other flourishing projects are “hugs for hire”, “rented” friends and relatives, tutors for computer games.

I talk about the most ridiculous business ideas that brought their creators widespread fame and millionth profit.

Breed jellyfish

A graduate of the Faculty of Marine Biology Alex Endon from San Francisco has found a way to apply his knowledge in entrepreneurial activity. He decided to breed unusual pets – jellyfish. The dream to create a special aquarium for them appeared at Alex back in his studies.

So that the jellyfish do not stick to the walls of the aquarium and can move normally, we needed a special filtration system and a container with a laminar flow of water.

Since these organisms are 95% water, they are very demanding on living conditions. The young man began to study the pet market and noticed an increasing interest in jellyfish.

It turned out that before him no one considered the idea of creating such an aquarium. Soon the model was ready. It turned out to be not only habitable for marine jellyfish, but also beautiful.

Endon invested $ 50 thousand in his startup. A year later, his income grew to $ 250 thousand, and later to $ 500 thousand. The price of the aquarium depends on the size and configuration. The cheapest can be bought for $ 369. The cost of the jellyfish themselves varies from $ 22 to 55.

In addition to the aquarium, the kit includes a three-month supply of food, a feeding pipette, LED backlight with a remote control and other accessories for the comfortable life of exotic pets.

Turn stones into pets

To get an even more amazing pet to his compatriots, the American suggested Gary Dahl.

In April 1975, he was relaxing in a bar with friends and listening to how they complain about their dogs and cats. They spoil furniture, bring dirt, get sick, require food and care.

Then the man first thought about the perfect pet, which is devoid of these “shortcomings.” He laughed and told his friends that stone could become such a pet. The reaction was so lively that Gary was determined to turn his idea into a profitable business. He didn’t even have to spend money – very soon he found two investors.

At the nearest hardware store, Dahl bought large Pacific pebbles – about a cent apiece. It only remained to think over the concept. As a copywriter, he wrote a 23-page comic manual. For example, immediately after the purchase, the author recommended that the new owners put a stone on old newspapers.

So the pet should quickly calm down and get used to the new environment. Money was needed only for the manufacture of boxes. They were with air holes, Pet Rock lettering, and straw bedding. Costs paid off very quickly. For six months, Dahl sold 1.5 million stones for $ 4 each and became a millionaire.

Sew Corn Spa Pillows

The business idea of Kim Lavigne from Alabama was also born unexpectedly. One of November days, she sat at home and sewed clothes.

In parallel, a woman watched her husband in the backyard feed the deer with corn kernels. Kim thought that these grains can be sewn into a pillowcase and make a relaxing pillow for the children.

With the help of her sewing machine, she embodied this idea in a matter of minutes. She liked the result – the pillow helped relieve muscle tension and pleasantly rustled. After that, the woman guessed to heat the product in the microwave. It turned out that corn not only retains heat well, but also starts to smell delicious.

Lavigne began to sew spa pillows for her children, to give them to friends and neighbors. The idea to monetize this idea came when strangers started calling the housewife with a request to make the same pillows for their children. The American woman filed a patent, named her invention Wuvit, and began to promote it at craft exhibitions.

In the end, one of the major retailers agreed to sell a batch of her pillows. Lavigne spent the money received on improving and promoting her product. Over time, she expanded the range of products, became the owner of a multi-million dollar fortune and wrote a book about her success story.

Trade pixels

Briton Alex Tew in August 2005 needed money to pay for university studies.

Instead of looking for a part-time job, the 21-year-old boy decided to open his own business on the Internet. He created an unusual advertising platform – a website with a million empty pixels.

Tew began selling them for $ 1 apiece. Anyone could buy a place there and place an image with a link to their site. The minimum price is $ 100.

That is how much a 10×10 pixel block cost. To distinguish something on a smaller section of the screen would be simply impossible. In two weeks, Tew earned the first $ 4.7 thousand. The buyers were his friends and relatives.

To attract new customers, the young man sent press releases to major British publications. Sales skyrocketed when the BBC turned its attention to the entrepreneur. After that, news about the site began to appear not only in the English, but also in the foreign press.

As a result, the audience of the resource has grown to 25 thousand unique visitors per hour, and there are almost no empty seats. Due to high demand, Tew decided to put up the last thousand pixels at an eBay auction.

She went to the online diet food store, which made a bid of $ 38 thousand. In just five months, an unusual project brought its creator more than $ 1 million.

Make Dog Sunglasses

While walking, spouses Ken and Roni di Lulo from California noticed that their dog was squinting and whining because of the bright sun. Then Roni took her old swimming goggles and remade them for a border collie. The result pleased not only the di Lulo family.

The neighbors liked the new image of the dog so much that Roni decided to create a site with his funny pictures and different models of home-made glasses. Soon, letters began to arrive from different parts of the country: everyone wanted to buy the same accessory for their dog. The number of orders is constantly growing.

Then the couple began to turn to different manufacturers of glasses with a request to make an unusual test batch. Make a model with a wide nose bridge and adjustable straps agreed in Taiwan.

After a while, startups started talking about the startup di Lulo, and PetSmart allowed them to sell their products in their stores.

Glasses blocked 100% of UV rays and protected the eyes of animals from wind and dust. Veterinary ophthalmologists began to recommend them to their clients, and the US military in 2004 ordered more than a hundred pieces for dogs working in Iraq.

A place in the list of the most useless inventions did not affect sales. In just a few years, dog glasses brought the creators $ 3 million. Now the accessory can be bought at a price of $ 14 to 25.

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