A 16-inch MacBook Pro and a 10.2-inch iPad can be expected by the fall.

Pro laptop and large-screen iPad are getting ready for release.

Apple is expected to add new iPad and MacBook Pro models to its range. At least, insiders have been reporting this for several months now. There is information that the 10.2-inch iPad will replace the 9.7-inch model, and the 16-inch MacBook Pro will join the Apple MacBook model lineup this fall.

If you believe the Economic News, the same Asian supplier, according to the contract with Apple, will provide components for both products.

An article published by Economic Daily News describes the financial performance of a local company, which may be the only supplier of backlight modules for a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Its launch, as is known, is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is mentioned in a series of messages over the past few weeks, without any details about the device specifications, however. Apple, a few years ago, discontinued the 17-inch Pro laptop and refused to replace it. However, recent advances in the field of displays quite allow developers from Cupertino to pack a larger screen into a case, the dimensions of which should not differ much from the 15-inch MacBook Pro currently being released.

The same report also notes that a 10.2-inch iPad will be put into mass production in July, but any additional details are also not disclosed. This message looks very unusual, since the size of the diagonal indicated in it is not typical for Apple tablets. Because since Steve Jobs introduced the first-generation device in 2010, they come with 9.7-inch screens. Since then, Apple has managed to try several different screen diagonal sizes, including the 12.9-inch version for the latest iPad Pro models.

Apple can increase the screen size of its 9.7-inch tablet, further reducing the frame. That is how the company acted with the iPhone and iPad Pro. It is also unclear at present whether a 10.2-inch iPad will receive a fingerprint sensor or not. Apple will most likely introduce the new iPad and MacBook models at a press conference scheduled for October. This event, we hope, will give us full information about the upcoming updates.

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