A businessman from Nigeria returned $ 80,000 in bitcoins sent to him by mistake

Keith Mali Chung, co-founder and president of the Loopblock Network, an African blockchain company, has returned nearly $ 80,000 worth of bitcoins mistakenly sent to his wallet.

Chang told about the incident on September 11:

“I received a huge amount in BTC from an unknown sender, and this is definitely a mistake of the person who sent me the money, please, write me the direct transaction time, your address and the exact amount of funds sent. Thank! Please retweet this message. “

After some time, Chang said that the exact amount of the erroneous transaction was 7.8 BTC. He also indicated that the sender, who wished to remain anonymous, responded, which means that he was able to return the funds inadvertently sent: “In Africa, where I live, we perform 80% of cryptocurrency transactions through deposits on WhatsApp. Someone who worked with me in the past made a serious mistake by sending 7.8 BTC to my wallet. I threw a cry, and the sender was found. “

Chang’s actions hit users of social networks and even earned him the nickname “Good African Samaritan”. In case the unfortunate sender of the funds was not found, Chang promised to donate the received bitcoins to the charity fund of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which provides assistance to those in need under the special Binance Charity program.

The Binance Charity Fund (BCF) brings together 47 major industry players in the cryptocurrency market, including Ripple, Quantstamp, and Blockseed Ventures, to create the Pink Care Token (PCAT), a coin focused on the health of women from developing countries. Pink Care Token is a token available only for redemption on the Binance blockchain, which is tied to the supply of hygiene products for women. With this token, Binance plans to provide women from developing countries with personal care products that they cannot afford.

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