A new Ycash coin has appeared.

In the network of cryptocurrency-oriented privacy ZCash, the so-called friendly hardfork will be held, which will result in the Ycash network. This was announced by its creator Howard Lou on the ZCash community forum.

Lou spoke out against increasing funding for protocol developers. At the moment, Founder’s Reward assumes that 10% of total emissions (2.1 million ZEC) will be used to support developers, but many require changing this parameter.

So, the main idea of ​​Ycash will be to keep the volume of funding at the level of 5% of each award for the block. The development of the new blockchain will be done by the non-profit organization Ycash Foundation.

In addition, the project is focused on CPU and GPU miners, so changes will be made to the current Proof-Of-Work algorithm to combat ASIC devices. Also, the transition to PoS just will not take place before the second halving, said Lou.

Note that the hard forks will take place on block # 570 000. At the same time, the developers will implement the hard forks ZecWallet to implement support for Ycash.

Recall earlier ZCash developers announced the creation of a new version of the protocol with sharding support.

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