A trip to Dubai: what a tourist needs to know

Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf in the second largest emirate. The capital of the emirate is known among tourists year-round heat. Summer temperatures quickly reach thirty-five to forty-five degrees. The city is not easy without sunscreen, special glasses and panamos.

Hot Dubai – UAE’s largest city

A tourist can bring two liters of vodka and wine with him without paying customs duty. You cannot import goods that are produced in South Africa or Israel. Import is also prohibited:

• firearms
• pornography
• propaganda literature
• drugs


The currency is dirham. The US dollar is 3.67 dirhams. There are no restrictions on the export and import of national and foreign currencies. You can exchange currency at special points or banks.

Where to settle?

In the UAE, Dubai hotels are the most expensive, with prices almost the same in all urban areas. It is better to settle where attractions and shops are nearby.

Address Downtown 

Dubai night view

Ways to get around the city

Moving around Dubai is most comfortable on the subway. It is cool and not very crowded. The price of the trip is determined by the distance. The minimum amount is $ 0.5, the maximum is 1.6.

An urban mode of transport is taxi. It can be with or without a counter. If the car is without a meter, then you must first determine the cost of the trip. Taxis are air-conditioned and look well-groomed. If there is a counter, payment for the trip is carried out in accordance with the mileage.

Bus service is also developed, but this type of transport goes along too long routes that are inconvenient for visitors.

If a guest over twenty-one years old has an international driving license, he can rent a car in Dubai. In the absence of such rights, a temporary driving permit is issued if the domestic certificate was obtained less than a year ago. The shortest rental period is one day. Speed ​​radars transmit speeding data to the police.

For the proposed bribe, they are prosecuted here. The police should be informed of the accident by calling 999.

When arriving at the beach on a hotel-owned bus, you must arrive early: there may not be enough places. Such a problem is not excluded during the return to the hotel. Free transfers from the hotel to the beach attract many visitors to the city. It lacks street names, house numbers, and the most famous buildings serve as a guide when moving.

Features of life in the United Arab Emirates

Tourists need to remember the peculiarities of life associated with Islam. The sale of alcohol in restaurants is carried out only to hotel guests. There are no liquors in stores. Drinking beer even in a public place entails criminal liability.

Drinking tap water in Dubai is not considered a risky business. Restaurants and hotels serve local mineral water. It is sold in plastic packaging. The voltage in the network is 220 / 240v. Adapters sell everywhere.

The city has state polyclinics and hospitals with a high level of service. Foreign tourists usually receive full-time insurance policies that allow them to receive emergency assistance for free. In private clinics, consultation and treatment are expensive.

Hotel security systems are very strict. Nevertheless, the administration informs tourists: documents, money and valuables should be stored in a special safe.

It boasts beaches and parks. Their features:

• work from morning to late evening,
• beaches have all the necessary equipment,
• there is a rescue service.

Strict tradition

Religion is associated not only with the traditions of citizens, but also with the rules for visitors. Muslim women are prohibited from photographing. Men need to get permission to shoot. Military facilities, government agencies are also not recommended to be removed.

You can’t flirt with women or laugh at them. For violation – a fine of 60 thousand dirhams with subsequent deportation.

It is impolite to treat a Muslim with a pork dish or vodka, wine. On the eve of business conversations, you need to talk about an outsider, without asking about sisters, wives, other relatives. The sole of the foot cannot be pointed at a Muslim.

With the onset of the month of Muslim fasting, before the sun hides behind the horizon, it is impossible in the streets:

• chewing chewing gum,
• smoking
• drink and eat.

If the owner of the house does not offer to enter the shoe, then you need to leave it at the doorstep. Compliance with the rules helps to establish good relations with the residents of the capital of the emirate.

What to see in Dubai

Why start an excursion in the capital of the largest emirate of the UAE, which is rapidly developing and becoming richer, famous for its incredible architecture, scope and luxury in every detail?

Today we learn that you can see in Dubai on your own, about the 10 most interesting sights of the city.

The dancing fountain in Dubai is one of the highest in the world.

Then you can go for dinner at the Atmosphere restaurant, which is located in the skyscraper of the Burj Khalifa on the 122nd floor. Gourmet dishes on the menu are not cheap, but this does not stop gourmets who want to spend the evening in an atmosphere of luxury, enjoying unusual views of the night city.

Creek Bay: Abre Walk

On a sea water taxi you can order a delicious dinner, spend a wonderful romantic evening watching the moored ship restaurants, sights on the Dubai embankment.

Boaters pass under beautiful bridges. You can make a stop near the Creek Side Park, which many associate with the Botanical Garden due to the huge number of plants and trees, and an amusement park for children with all kinds of play areas

Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque open to Gentiles

Regardless of which religion is close to you, be sure to visit the beautiful Jumeirah mosque made of pink sandstone in medieval Arabic style. In the evening, the building is highlighted, so the two minarets and the dome look even more bewitching.

Burj Al Arab (Parus) – the famous 7-star hotel

The cost of living in Burj Al Arab rooms is the highest in the world. The hotel was built on an artificial island, which can be reached from the shore via a bridge. You can also get to the hotel from a helicopter, landing on the helipad, which serves part-time and a tennis court at an altitude of 200 meters.

If you do not live in the Burj Al Arab hotel, but really want to see for yourself the luxurious interior, you need to reserve a table in one of its restaurants. In this case, the guards will let you inside the building – the architectural masterpiece of Dubai.

Dubai Mall – the largest mall in the world

Of course, in Dubai Mall you can go shopping. But in addition to stores of world brands, pay attention to other interesting places – cinemas, an ice rink, a permanent exhibition of Ferrari.

The most vivid impressions remain from the indoor aquarium, by the way, also the largest in the world. Thanks to the glazed tunnel, thousands of fish can be viewed from close range.

Dubai Shopping Festival – Dubai’s annual shopping festival

Who prefers to buy things of such brands as Roberto Cavalli, Galliano, Burberry and other prestigious brands, while delighting himself with pleasant discounts, he arrives in Dubai in the first two calendar months of the year.

At the beginning of January in the city, namely in various stores, including the Dubai Mall, Wafi City Mall and the Mall of the Emirates, a grand sale fair is held. It’s great to buy things from your favorite designers at a discount that reaches 50%

Deira Gold Market

Get ready to see tons of gold on the shelves. Sometimes it seems that the windows will collapse under the weight of massive necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It is difficult to resist the purchase of beautiful gold jewelry, jewelry made of precious stones.

The main rule in this market, like any other, is to bargain persistently. No need to be surprised at the initial high price mentioned, as a result of bidding you can reduce the price by half, and still buy your favorite gold or silver jewelry at an affordable price.

Spice market

This place is definitely visited by those who like to experiment with spices. It is here that the eastern flavor is felt. Friendly sellers in the spice market are ready to tell all the secrets of cooking dishes and drinks with spices.

Now you know where to use whole dried lime or black lemon. For example, black lemon is added to fish and chicken, barberry – to pilaf, saffron – to ice cream and rice pudding. I want to listen to culinary stories endlessly, breathing in the scent of a mixture of spices in the air.

Sheikh Zayed Highway is the longest street in Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road is such a piece of Europe in the United Arab Emirates. Modern skyscrapers seem to compete in originality, because each building has its own unique style.

For example, Rose Tower ranks second in the world among high-rise hotels. The building, 333 meters high, resembles a rocket that will take off soon. Of course, the hotel will stand still, continuing to delight guests with a wide range of services, in particular, delicious coffee that can be enjoyed at any time in the Cafe Rose.

Ski resort Dubai

Everything is possible in this hot emirate, even if you want to do winter sports. The Mall of the Emirates Mall has an indoor ski resort where fans of skiing and snowboarding spend their time.

Kids have chosen ice caves and a playground. The mountain slopes are no different from the real ones – a stable low air temperature is maintained here. As in any ski resort, take a breath and keep warm in one of the cozy restaurants

In Dubai, tourists are invited to visit a new attraction – the “Dubai Frame” 150 meters high.


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