About 30 people were injured during an Air Canada flight in Hawaii

About thirty people were injured when the Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Australia was badly hurt by unrest over the Pacific Ocean.

The plane made an emergency landing at Honolulu airport. On Thursday, AC33 experienced severe turbulence and was forced to turn back, demanding an emergency landing at Honolulu Airport. Although the landing itself went smoothly, several people, including one crew member, were injured as a result of turbulence.

CTV News, citing a source reported that many people suffered injuries to the head and neck. The injuries indicate that the passengers were mostly dropped from their seats when the plane reached the “uneven” place over the Pacific Ocean. According to the representative of Air Canada, the affected people are examined by medical workers.

“We are currently arranging for passengers, including hotel accommodation and meals in Honolulu, as well as options for resuming the flight,” said the representative.

A Boeing 777-200 aircraft reportedly carried about 270 passengers and 15 crew members.

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