ADA / USDT 84% upside potential “cup with handle” shape

The figure is almost formed, and the price will soon be released on the 3rd wave of Eliot. The price must go a distance corresponding to the depth of the
cups (see chart), this depth clearly coincides with the price target from the last week of July 2018, where the price consolidated around $ 0.1700

At the end of 3 waves, the players will fix the profit, which will lead to a small price correction and the formation of 4 Eliot waves, then the price will be released on the final 5th wave, which will end in the area of ​​July 17, 2018. How to act, you can enter the market at today’s prices, close at the end of wave 3, wait for the market to adjust and enter the market and go up to wave 5 and take profits at a price of $ 0.1900 This is my vision of the market, if you have an opinion on this matter, I will be glad to comment under this post.

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