Advertising gave Vertcoin (VTC) an increase of 63%

Vertcoin (VTC) may have begun to reap the rewards of a new marketing strategy, since on Saturday night the value of the coin increased by 63%. After Google reversed its decision to ban cryptocurrency-related advertising, the Vertcoin team decided to run a monthly advertising campaign.

“Now that most advertising systems allow cryptocurrency / software advertisements, we also started experimenting. Starting shows on May 13, we are going to extend the campaign for 30 days. After evaluating the results, the corresponding plan will be made to the promotion plan, ”it is written in the company’s blog.

This week, the promotion on Google and Youtube is nearing completion, so let’s try to summarize intermediate results. On June 5, the results of the advertising campaign totaled 26 thousand impressions on both platforms. Interactions amounted to 3.8 thousand, which corresponds to the level of involvement of 14.6%. The vast majority of interactions occurred with mobile devices (77%). It is noteworthy that the advertising campaign that sent users to the Vertcoin website turned out to be more successful than the video-based one. In the first case, more than 1,000 clicks on the site were noted, while the video brought only 11 clicks.

Vertcoin added that gamers are the main target audience. Focusing the project on the mining of graphics processors, the team believes that high-end gamers and VTC miners can exchange each other.

“We believe that a lot of people who have invested large sums in computer equipment have made it for games. We assume that these people miss the opportunity to earn a little Vertcoin, ”the project blog says.

Several well-known players have made a sponsorship offer from Vertcoin. More information can be found in the project channel on Discord. Probably, the marketing efforts were quite effective, since the VTC cost jumped from $ 0.481276 to $ 0.786070 from an hourly minimum on just one hour.

The 63% increase also affected the volume, which rose sharply from $ 700,000 to $ 26 million. At the time of writing, the VTC has returned to the $ 0.63 range, resulting in a total increase of 30%. As in the case of the Ardor and WAX bursts noted last week, the increase occurred on the Korean Upbit exchange. Over $ 22 million of the total $ 26 was provided by a VTC / KRW pair, the second most traded pair was VTC / BTC on Upbit. As in the case of the previously mentioned coins, at the same time with Upbit, VTC sales also increased on Bittrex.

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