Alex Kruger: the US Federal Reserve can not affect the price of Bitcoin

Financial analyst Alex Kruger believes that the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve does not have any influence on the dynamics of Bitcoin movement.

This expert outlined his position on Twitter and stressed that the largest cryptocurrency is too young to be pressured by financial regulators.

Note that before the end of the Fed meeting, the Bitcoin began to grow and for several hours punched a mark of $ 10,000. However, then its cost began to decline.

One analyst Tom Lee is of the opinion that the regulator, on the contrary, influences the dynamics of the BTC movement. In his opinion, the Fed’s rate cut will create conditions for the repetition of a rally two years ago.

However, Alex Kruger does not share this view. He notes:

Today’s profit has nothing to do with the Fed.

At the same time, it is also impossible to say that the international situation does not affect the course of Bitcoin. Suffice it to recall that in the midst of the US-China trade war, BTC went up by 47% immediately.

Many Asian, and especially Chinese, investors invested heavily in cryptocurrency to protect their savings against the background of a weakening US dollar.

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