Alexey Navalny – how his “acute allergic reaction” developed, and why the version with targeted poisoning cannot be excluded

“There are cameras everywhere, we requested them officially. We need those moments when everyone was taken out for a walk or calls. ”

Very strange things

I have never had an allergy. No food, no pollen, no matter what.

I can lie in a haystack in the month of May and eat lemons stuffed with all kinds of nuts. At the same time, what is allergy, I know well. My wife is on the blooming buds of plants. Early spring is the season she hated. Accordingly, we looked for signs of allergy in children, and I read a lot about this topic. It was a prehistory. Now the story.

The fourth day of my stay under arrest. Eat the same as everyone. The living conditions are exactly the same as those of all the other five prisoners.

Moreover, exactly in the same cell on the same shkonka I spent ten days recently – two weeks ago.

This is my ninth or tenth arrest. For all the time I went to the doctor once, when I had a cold and had a high temperature. I have my own bed linen. From the prison bag, which is always at the ready. Soap, toothpaste and all that stuff lies there. I used all this two weeks ago.

During a walk, my cellmates notice that I have a red neck. This is Saturday lunch. Everyone rallies, I hear scattered news on the radio and envy.

In an hour I feel that my forehead and skin around my eyes are burning. Discomfort, but easy, not such as to see a doctor, will pass. There is no mirror in the chamber, only a piece of mirror film over the sink. Nothing is visible in it. Inmates say that forehead reddened.

At night I wake up from the fact that the face, ears and neck are burning and prickly.

Did you have such a thing in your childhood that you climbed onto the roof, grabbed glass wool with your hands, and then when you touch the face or another part of the body, does it prick you for a long time?

So I felt as if I had a glassy head. Could not sleep, tossing and turning.

Honestly, remembering Kara-Murzu and Versilov , the thought occurred: maybe they poisoned me too? Therefore, I tried to lie down and analyze whether it was becoming more difficult to breathe in order to immediately demand an ambulance in this case.

In the morning he got up, and a cellmate who saw me, his eyes wide open, said: you urgently need to see a doctor.

The visiting medical assistant looked at me with the same look and immediately called the ambulance. Looking at the mirror, I understood why such a reaction. Look at my photo after my face was sprayed with green paint:

Detractors Alexei Navalny previously poured (Zelenka) medicine for lacerations; which is not washed for a very long time.

And imagine that I was swollen five times more. Eyes slits, eyelids the size of a ping-pong ball and so on.

In the ward gkb 64, when the swelling began to subside (!)

Doctors ambulance immediately said that we must be taken to the hospital. And in the special receiver I was injected intramuscularly with suprastin and prednisone. Then another prednisone intravenously. In the hospital they put another drip with him.

From such shock doses, the edema began to subside, and for dinner I already looked like just a man who drank deep for two months.

Now on this, which drank a week. In the hospital, on the one hand, they began to heal, and the doctors went in jambs, on the other, strange garbage began. Police at the door of the chamber. My friends do not let doctors. Lawyer is not allowed. My doctors and a lawyer are not told the diagnosis, referring to medical confidentiality, but a detailed comment is issued to Interfax , where they give out a diagnosis that was not told to me.

Well, that is, they behave as if they need to hide something just in case. What for? I do not understand. What did the doctors say in the end? In the history of medicine there are cases when a person suddenly has an allergy. You lived from year to year, washed your hands with this soap and suddenly – hrenaks! – swelled from him over night.

So I have contact dermatitis. He touched something, most likely, soap or other cosmetics, and a sudden acute allergic reaction began.

Cosmetics, you know, in the camera a bit. So soap. Here I am writing this from the camera, where I once again perfectly wash my hands with this soap. I don’t get any worse.

What do I think about this? Or even put it bluntly: do I think that they could poison me?

I think that there is a simple fork in the road: did some people come to my cell besides employees of the special detention center?

I exclude that local cops have poisoned – they were shocked by my appearance and by what happens more than me.

There are cameras everywhere, we requested them officially. We need those moments when everyone was taken out for a walk or calls. If at this time some people entered the camera, the poisoning version becomes very weighty. If not, the strength of the version with a unique medical case increases. Someday it will be called “one-time acute allergic reaction of Navalny.”

Well, then another obvious question arises. Well, are they, absolutely idiots, to bait you in a place where suspicions point only to them?

Good question, and it should be put in a number of the following questions:

– Are they stupid enough to poison Kara-Murza ?

– Are they so stupid as to poison Kara-Murza for the second time ?

– Are they so stupid as to poison Verzilov ?

– Are they so stupid that the operation for poisoning the Skripal is planned and implemented by such boobies, on which the whole world will laugh?

– are they so stupid that the leaders of the Moscow UFSB order familiar cops to throw drugs at a famous journalist?

– Are they so stupid as to keep out all independent candidates, including the most moderate, from the polls?

– Are they so stupid that they will ban the protest action and detain 1,400 people there?

For now, I can say with confidence one thing: there are really rather stupid and stupid dudes in power in Russia.

It seems to you that in their actions you need to look for a secret meaning and a rational grain. But in reality they are just stupid, angry and obsessed with money.

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