Algorand project attracted $ 60 million. Token added Coinbase Custody

In the near future, it will appear in the US service for institutional investors and on the BitMax exchange.

The start-up of the Algorand Foundation raised $ 60 million in 3.5 hours during a tokensail on the CoinList platform. At the beginning of the sale, the price of one coin was $ 10; by closing it fell to $ 2.4. Investors bought 25 million coins, and the total capitalization may be at the level of $ 6 billion.

Yesterday, the BitMax platform announced the addition of altcoin, depositing and trading in pairs with Bitcoin and USDT will start on June 20 at 13:00 Moscow time. The company is exploring the possibility of adding margin trading.

Algorand has also announced the addition of support to Coinbase Custody. Users negatively reacted to this news in the comments under the post. They did not understand why the little-known coin appeared in the service for institutional investors so quickly after the tokensale. The company did not give any explanation on this.

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