All new iPhones will lose their exclusive Apple technology.

None of the new iPhone sample of 2019 will not support 3D Touch. The fact that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R will lose Apple’s proprietary technology was told by proven DigiTimes publication sources.

Apple will not equip the new iPhone with support for tracking force pressing the 3D Touch display. The original iPhone function will be replaced by its software counterpart Haptic Touch, which first appeared in the iPhone XR.

Previously, Apple’s intention to abandon 3D Touch was also announced by other insiders. The first to know about this were the sources of the Barclays analytical company back in the late summer of 2018. After information about plans for Apple confirmed the publication of The Wall Street Journal.

In addition, Apple itself hinted at an important change. In the first beta versions of iOS 13, 3D Touch gestures have disappeared from users of current iPhone models. They have been replaced by Haptic Touch gestures. Later, Apple said that this is a flaw in the beta version and the 3D Touch gestures will remain on all current iPhones.

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