Amazon launches its own cryptocurrency?

For quite some time, there were rumors that Amazon was planning to create its own cryptocurrency, and when everyone thought that they were not confirmed, this information appeared again.

This time, the reason for this was a new survey of financial analysts:

“Cindicator, an analytical company, asked a group of experts about which company will launch a cryptocurrency that can compete with Libra. 22.62% of analysts believe that it will most likely become Amazon. ”

The authors of the online publication also refer to the CCN news site, where they suggested that Amazon will launch its own digital asset, ahead of Google, Apple, Walmart, Microsoft and other technology giants.

It was reported that Amazon already has several blockchain patents, but it seems that the company is not ready to enter into a debate about the future of the crypto industry and to spread about its plans.

You may know that Amazon owns the domain, which so far simply redirects to the company’s official website. Also, one of the divisions of Amazon Web Services launched various products and solutions for the blockchain.

Thus, there is growing evidence that Amazon definitely takes into account the massive adoption of blockchain technology.

On the other hand, Amazon Pay Vice President Patrick Gauthier said that the company is unlikely to rush to launch a competitor to the Libra project:

“We work a lot with data, so I will be glad if I return to this conversation in two or three years. Regarding the Libra theme, I think it is relevant, but full of speculation. We at Amazon prefer to implement real projects. ”

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