Anthony Pompliano: people will choose a currency that the government can not control

According to the well-known crypto enthusiast and Bitcoin supporter Anthony Pompliano, the future will bring not so much competition between digital and non-digital currencies, but between monetary policy.

And ultimately, he believes, people will choose Bitcoin as the currency, a cryptocurrency that governments, in principle, cannot control.

Pompliano also noted that in the place of the US government, he would immediately tokenize the dollar, as China creates the digital yuan, and other countries will follow suit. He is deeply convinced that all money will ultimately be digital, and competition will be fought between different monetary policies.

However, if the digital yuan becomes available, but the digital dollar does not, then it will be easier for countries to buy the yuan, which will undermine the dollar’s ​​position as a global reserve currency.

In this situation, those who are not interested in the yuan will turn to bitcoin, because its decentralization excludes dependence on the decisions of any governments.

At first, this movement will be slow, but ultimately it will become massive.

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