Apple claims confidence in the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies

Apple Pay Vice President Jennifer Bailey told CNN in an interview about Apple’s attitude to cryptocurrencies and their future.

“We are watching cryptocurrencies. We think this is interesting and they have a long-term potential, ”said Bailey.

She also spoke about the development of the payment industry. In particular, Bailey noted that today, especially American society, is suspicious of using mobile payment services such as Apple Pay.

According to her, many are still convinced that “payment using a physical card is safer than payment using a mobile phone,” and it will take a lot of effort to explain to users that this is not so.

At the same time, Bailey did not hint at all whether Apple was going to work with digital currencies in the future. Earlier, Apple, together with investment bank Goldman Sachs, introduced its own credit card, noting that it can not be used to purchase cryptocurrencies.

It is also worth noting that in early summer it became known that the company was going to present a set of tools for developers CryptoKit, integrated into iOS 13, and in March the store for Ethereum appeared in the App Store.

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