Apple could acquire part of Intel’s business

This month was more or less successful for Apple – the company managed to complete a multi-year confrontation with Qualcomm by entering into a settlement agreement, and thus avoid bans on the sale of iPhone in some countries. But how would the circumstances be if the agreements could not be reached? As it became known, Apple could go to very radical measures and acquire part of the business of Intel.

We are talking about the department of Intel, engaged in the development of 5G-modems. According to insiders, Apple began to negotiate the purchase of a modem business in the summer of 2018. The transaction could take place, but the dialogue between the company was interrupted – almost immediately after the conclusion of a settlement agreement with Qualcomm. The source is confident that Intel is still interested in selling the negotiated part of the business. Despite the fact that the corporation has officially announced its withdrawal from the market, and the termination of the development of modems with support for fifth-generation networks, there are several promising and advanced technologies in the chipmaker’s arsenal that, in theory, Apple would be useful in creating its own 5G .

Despite the fact that Apple now has access to the most advanced 5G modules, in Cupertino they are really developing their own modem for iPhone. It is known that the company transferred to the modem development division more than 100 leading engineers and specialists from other departments – all in order to focus on the creation of an innovative cellular module. Without a doubt, the right decision – and with a great prospect for the future.

2 thoughts on “Apple could acquire part of Intel’s business

  1. The article could be labeled as contradictory. The settlement agreement is said to be the resolution for continued interest in 5G manufacturing.
    Yellow flag on this one investors, this possibly can be the window of opportunity. Apple is definitely up to something? What if this is so?

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