Binance and ShapeShift can add support for Libra’s digital currency from Facebook

Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange leader in terms of trading, is in talks with Facebook representatives about the Libra listing. Reports about it Finance Magnates with reference to the statement of the general strategist of the exchange Jin Chao.

In particular, he noted that now negotiations between the companies are at an early stage.

“We have already had a dialogue with Facebook at the official level. As for listing specifically, they will now be based on the so-called private chain. This means that they will not seek liquidity from outside, ”Chao said.

At the same time, Chao made it clear that Facebook is not going to stop there.

“As far as we understand, in the future they want to enter the secondary market. Currencies benefit from the secondary market, so it would be in their interest to be listed, ”Chao added.

Chao also noted that it is in the interests of Facebook to be listed on several cryptocurrency platforms.

“As soon as they switch to the public chain and receive acceptance, we will probably want to list Libra.”

Apparently, Binance will not have to wait long, as other major market players are already beginning to be interested in supporting the coin. So, according to CoinDesk, a veteran of the bitcoin industry, ShapeShift can integrate Libra into its platform next year.

“It’s too early to talk about this, because in fact there is no coin yet, but I would like to add Libra support to ShapeShift when it appears,” said Eric Vorges, CEO of the company.

He expects Libra to contribute to the mass adoption of digital currencies and thereby to the wider adoption of Bitcoin.

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