Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange: A detailed review of 2019

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Today we will talk about the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. She has recently been heard by many crypto traders, they often talk about her, they refer to her everywhere. I also trade on this site. What opportunities she has and why in less than two years she has gained such popularity – this will be discussed in the article.

Binance – the world’s № 1 cryptocurrency exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that unites traders and the market. This is where they make deals and trade. A trader chooses the most appropriate stock exchange according to his preferences, because each of them is distinguished by its advantages, disadvantages, and somewhat different conditions as compared to others, according to several criteria:

  • the number of currency pairs;
  • commission amount;
  • security level;
  • convenience and speed of deposit
  • withdrawal of funds.

The cryptocurrency market is developing at a tremendous pace. Once a week a new stock exchange comes to it, today there are about 400. Of course, only the strongest players defend their “place in the sun”.

Binanas is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange. She managed to grow to the position of leader in 6 months since her appearance – she entered the top 3 cryptobirth in terms of trading volume per day. And today, on February 1, 2019, it ranks first in all ratings on a number of criteria (studies conducted by,

By trading volume

Traders reviews and reliability

By commission

As a platform, the most suitable for beginners

Even at the startup stage, the company’s managers chose the early placement of coins, literally immediately after the ICO. The low commission of the exchange, compared to competitors, played its role. It attracted many traders and investors. Using the site, they noted the high speed of the CMS exchange – the puzzle came together, and the project was “doomed” to success.

The community of cryptocurrency exchanges gladly accepted into its team a new strong player, on whose platform over the first few days over 20 thousand users were registered. In terms of daily trading, the Binans Exchange ranked 1st in the world in January 2019!

According to, the company’s turnover per day on February 1, 2019 was $ 376,365,510 or 107862 BTC.

Key Benefits of Binance

  • Huge selection of currency pairs. There are more than 240 of them here. New coins, which are definitely worth paying attention to, often appear on “Binans” immediately after the ICO;
  • Big turnover per day, the largest volume of Ethereum, NEO, TRON;
  • No need to verify the identity (pass verification) as long as you do not plan to display more than two Bitcoins per day;
  • Russified version of the exchange. Because of this, it is perfect for Russian-speaking beginners;
  • Intuitive interface, simple and easy to use. Two modes with broad functionality;
  • Really low commission, which can be reduced by another quarter, if you pay the internal cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Binance charges GAS to all NEO holders each month;
  • Resources are impressive – the site’s capabilities allow it to process almost 1.5 million orders in 1 second;
  • Providing API for third-party developers; A brilliant team, renowned investors, including Morgan Stanley, Roger Ver and others;
  • 24/7 technical support; Worthy referral fee – 20% of the commission;
  • The site takes care of protection against attacks and is constantly improving, making the security level even higher, which is achieved through a two-factor authentication with the help of Google Authentificator;
  • Mobile platform support;
    Impeccable reputation and high level of trust among users.


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