Binance Exchange may add SegWit support for bitcoin transactions

Changpen Zhao, CEO of Binance, hinted that the cryptocurrency exchange he founded could add support for Segregated Witness (SegWit) technology for bitcoin transactions.

The developer Udi Wertheimer turned to Zhao on Twitter this Wednesday, promising to set the Binance logo as the image on his profile for the remainder of 2019, if the exchange adds full SegWit support for input / output of bitcoins and allows generating new addresses in order to avoid their reuse .

“How about the first quarter of 2020?” Zhao answered

On the Bitcoin blockchain, SegWit was launched in August 2017. The technology is aimed at solving the problems of scalability, plasticity of transactions and eliminating other shortcomings.

According to, currently over 53% of Bitcoin transactions use SegWit.

In April, full support for SegWit was added by the American cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

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