Binance has added a stablebcoin BGBP.

Today, the Jersey branch of the Binance Stock Exchange has added a stablebcoin BGBP linked to the price of the British pound to its crypto-fiat trading platform.

There is a huge demand in the market and in the Binance community for the diversification of steybcocoins, especially those linked to the pound. Listing BGBP allows you to satisfy it.

Application methods and the utility of steyblokoins have increased, as has BNB, whose value has tripled since the beginning of the year and continues to grow rapidly as the Binance Chain network develops, ”commented Binance CFO Wei Zhou.

Stablecoin is available for purchase and sale paired with Euro (EUR) and Pound (GBP).

Jersey Binance is a platform that allows you to trade digital assets using fiat currencies, including the euro and British pounds, thus focusing on the European market.

The expansion of cryptocurrency exchange markets in the European region with the help of Fiat opens up new economic opportunities for Europeans and also minimizes the risks associated with Brexit.

As part of our global expansion, we want to help connect a cryptocurrency channel for Europe and the UK, supporting a wider introduction of cryptocurrency, ”said Joe at the opening of the platform in January of this year.

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