Binance remains the leader among cryptocurrency exchanges

Binance cryptocurrency exchange confidently maintains the status of a leading trading platform. This is stated in the latest Crypto Compare resource report.

Analysts emphasize that in June, the average daily trading volume on the Binance crypto exchange amounted to $ 1.6 billion. The monthly transaction volume on the platform increased to $ 42.1 billion. The report notes that, compared with the May figure for the first month of summer, trading on Binance added almost 13%.

Currently, the platform processes transactions with 185 coins and has 584 trading pairs. The Binance crypto exchange not only dominates the market for digital assets in terms of trading volume, but also successfully promotes its own BNB token (Binance Coin).

Over the past few months, this asset has seriously strengthened, its rate has reached $ 27.99. The market capitalization of the token grew in early August to $ 4.353 billion. The three leaders among cryptocurrency platforms also included the ZB and CoinBene exchanges, the daily trading on which in June exceeded $ 1.35 billion and $ 1.267 billion, respectively.

The rating from Crypto Compare also notes that the Singapore-based CoinBene platform currently processes operations with the largest number of cryptocurrencies (about 224 coins).

The fact that the number of followers of the platform on Twitter for the first time exceeded 1 million was also proof of the growing influence of Binance.

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