Binance will launch Bitcoin futures contracts

Binance is going to launch its own Binance Futures futures platform in the next few months, Changpen Zhao, the company’s CEO, told the Asia Blockchain Summit, which started in Taipei. This writes CoinDesk .

“Very soon, Binance will launch a futures platform. 
I have no exact date yet. 
The simulation in the test version will be launched within a few weeks,
 ”said Zhao.

Futures on the BTC / USDT trading pair will be available on the platform, but Binance plans to add support for other cryptocurrencies in the future.

The limiting arm size will be up to x20, but it is also expected to be increased in the future.

During his speech at the Asia Blockchain Summit, Changpen Zhao also showed a screenshot of the upcoming platform.

Last week, Binance introduced an updated version of its main platform, which, among other things, opened up to all users access to margin trading.

“Margin trading will be available around July 11, after which a test network for futures will be launched a week later, ” CoinDesk quoted Binance as saying.

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