Binance will pay a reward of up to $ 10,000 for finding bugs

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange this Monday announced the launch of a second round of the bug search program in its blockchain (Binance Chain) and the non-substodian exchange (Binance DEX).

The program starts today and will last 6 months. Specialists are offered the opportunity to receive up to $ 10,000 in BNB tokens for identifying vulnerabilities in the mentioned projects. The size of the reward will depend on the degree of seriousness of the identified threat. The reward will be available only to the user who reports the problem first. Notifications about already known bugs will not be rewarded.

Binance notes that she conducted the first round of the program to find bugs in March in preparation for the launch of the main network of her blockchain. The program was successful and helped to identify several problems. The decision to hold a new round was dictated by the company’s desire to accelerate the development of Binance Chain and DEX after the launch of the main network.

Last week it became known that Binance will launch a futures platform with support for leverage up to x20.

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