Bitcoin was buried again. This has already happened 337 times

This time, the death of cryptocurrency was predicted by economist Mark Dow. For the first time, such an opinion about the main digital coin appeared in 2010

“Bitcoin is dying,” said economist and hedge fund manager Mark Dow in his Twitter account. To this, he received a response from Stefan Cole, in which the investor cited previous statements in the media, portending the death of the first cryptocurrency.

“This is the end of Bitcoin, Forbes 2011
Bitcoin will turn into a heap of ashes, USA Today 2015
Rest in peace, Bitcoin. Time to move on, WaPo 2016
Stay away from Bitcoin. This is trash, MarketWatch 2017
Bitcoin will go down to zero, Forbes 2018, ”Cole wrote.

The media have buried the main digital asset 337 times already, according to 99bitcoins. For the first time this happened in 2010, the article claimed that Bitcoin cannot be a currency. At that time, its cost was about $ 0.23.

On September 24, investor Jim Rogers in an interview with BBLOKK OFFICIAL said that all cryptocurrencies would disappear due to pressure from governments. In 2019, 39 such forecasts appeared.

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