Bithumb Exchange was accused of a large leak of user data

The South Korean prosecutor’s office will check the trading platform in connection with the incident that occurred with it in 2017, as a result of which the loss of customers amounted to more than $ 7 million

South Korean prosecutors launched an investigation into the Bithumb Stock Exchange. Law enforcement agencies will check the incident that took place two years ago, when over 31 thousand accounts with data on names, phone numbers, email addresses and information about operations on the site fell into the hands of criminals, TokenPost writes.

According to investigators, this information was used to steal $ 7 million from customers’ wallets. Manager Bithumb was accused of violating the law on network management and the law on information protection. The prosecutor’s office believes that it is he who is guilty of hacking. The exchange also violated security guidelines because it did not take the necessary measures to encrypt customer data.

The law enforcement authorities said that some of the victims of the attack were discovered only now, so it was decided to resume the case. Bithumb claims that data leakage is in no way connected with the loss of $ 7 million.

In the summer, five South Korean exchanges, including Bithumb, made changes to their work. Now the site will recover the losses of users, even if they were not related to security problems.

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