Bitmain wants to sue $ 4.3 million from ex-employees

CoinDesk reported that the mining company Bitmain sued three of its former employees. The cause of the lawsuit was non-compliance with the contract.

Now in court there are 6 claims. 3 of them are from pooling co-founders and 3 from Bet max.

The operating Director of Pooling Fuju in 2015 reported that he and his colleagues proposed Bitmain to develop a new mining pool in parallel with the already available at the time the company Antpool. Bitmain decided not to support the initiative, and then the three decided to run it on their own finances. Today it is the largest bitcoin mining pool in the world in terms of hashrate.

Mining bitcoin Pooling was engaged a year ago, in July 2018 and since then has received 26 825 BTC, to be more precise that $220 million at the current rate.

The contract States that Bitmain is required to pay CEO Pooling Zhibao pan $ 2,780 monthly for a period of 24 months.

Now Bitmain require a former employee to pay $ 667,000 for breach of contract. Bitmaim also intend to take all mined bitcoins, which is more than $4.3 million.

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