BitTorrent Payments Delayed

Looks like the honeymoon between Bittorrent and Tron is over. Former Bittorrent founder Bram Cohen tweeted:

Does anyone know about if Justin Sun doesn’t have enough money?” The last payment for BitTorrent does not work.

Almost a year ago, Tron acquired Bittorrent after 10-month negotiations, which resulted in Cohen leaving the company he founded. As a result, the new buyer acquired an extensive user base, namely, about $ 100 million users per month.

By integrating the Tron network into BitTorrent, we are striving to create new incentives for users. We plan to provide rewards to the feasts, infusing more resources into the ecosystem of the service, said San.

Tron spokesperson Roxy Liu answered Cohen’s tweet:

For your information, money on a conditional deposit is not considered Justin’s money. He has just signed an agreement. Further this is done by the lawyers of the buyer / seller … .

But Cohen did not back down:

… do you have an explanation why you did not sign the document two months ago, as was planned?

Do you think the problem with payments is due to exorbitant pay for lunch with Warren Buffet, who, because of Justin San’s ill health, did not take place?

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