Bittrex Bitcoin Exchange temporarily lowered the maker commission in pairs from USD to zero, but there is a condition

Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange temporarily lowered the maker commission (fee for placing a limit order) in pairs with the US dollar to zero, and the taker commission (fee for buying / selling the placed order) to 0.15%. These changes will be valid until July 3 for accounts that at least once showed a monthly trading volume above $ 30 thousand.

At the same time, other accounts that do not fall under the initial requirements may also apply for a reduction in commissions.

Note that Bittrex launched such a campaign in honor of the announcement of an important event: the addition of support for the fiat euro this summer.

Earlier, Bittrex limited trading to 32 cryptocurrencies for US residents. In April, the exchange was refused by the New York State Financial Services Authority (NYDFS) to receive a BitLicense. The ministry considered the company’s policy of legal compliance inadequate or nonexistent, and the competence of the authorized top manager was questioned. At Bittrex, negligence charges against the regulator’s demands were then denied and stated that this NYDFS behavior does not protect users from New York, but only harms them

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