Bloomberg: Bitcoin billionaire time has come again. Winklevoss successfully waited “cryptozyme”

The rise in prices for bitcoins has led to the fact that the phenomenon of people who have earned billions from their investments in this cryptocurrency is coming back, as reported by the American news agency Bloomberg. Analysts have calculated, for example, how much dollars Tyler and Cameron Winkloss can get if they sold all their bitcoin. It turned out an impressive amount for two – 1.45 billion dollars.

The growth of the market led to the fact that the state of Winkloss returned them to the beginning of spring 2018, although in January of this year they were not yet billionaires, and the amount for two was “only” $ 654 million. Surprisingly, by their actions, the US authorities helped Winkloss to once again feel like billionaires, increasingly bringing their sensation to that high point in December 2017, when Bitcoin reached its historic maximum of 20085 dollars. The fact is that the “trade war” of the US and China launched by Trump, as well as the dramatic change in the US Fed policy under pressure from the administration of the American White House, confused world investors, hitting the US dollar, and causing the owners of large states to “run away” “In gold and bitcoin.”

Recognition of Winklevoss by billionaires from Bloomberg came in handy: a biographical book was published: “Bitcoin billionaires: a true story of genius, betrayal and redemption.” Meanwhile, the head of XRP Capital, Michael Arrington, said mysteriously:

“I like the new myths that arise in our cryptocurrency industry.”

Be that as it may, Winklevoss, Gemini continues to expand its operations, opening a new office in the state of Chicago.

Speaking of what awaits the market in the future, Tyler Winklevoss believes that Bitcoin will be able to overcome the level of 15 thousand dollars, when the cryptocurrency number 1 will be the first time this year above the mark of 10 thousand dollars.

Cameron Winkloss believes that if an investor is focused on the far horizon of planning, then “cryptozyme” is just a test of your patience ”to wait for Bitcoin to rise in price significantly.


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