Boeing Corporation lost its order for $ 6 billion due to problems.

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The airline Flyadeal opted for the A320 NEO, abandoning its intentions to buy American aircraft. Saudi Arabia, a low-cost carrier, on Sunday, July 7, announced an order to supply 30 A320 NEO airliners with an additional option to purchase 20 more aircraft. In a press release, Flyadeal notes that the delivery of the first aircraft on this order from Airbus will begin in 2021. The announced deal is part of an agreement to purchase 100 A320 NEO aircraft between Flyadeal’s parent company, Saudi Arabian Airlines, and Airbus, which was signed under Paris Air Show in June 2019.

In December 2018, Flyadeal signed an agreement with Boeing on the intention to acquire 50 737 Max aircraft in the same way – with the initial purchase of 30 aircraft and 20 more later. The total amount of the deal on the purchase of 50 737 Max aircraft was estimated at $ 5.9 billion. The reasons for the rejection of 737 Max in favor of the A320 NEO by Saudi Arabia are obvious – after two crashes of the Boeing 737 Max, the aircraft of the American corporation from March 2019 remain chained to earth, while the liner continues to find all new problems.

In particular, the EU authorities, according to Bloomberg, at the beginning of July 2019 sent a list of troubleshooting requirements for the aircraft that Boeing must fulfill. A new issue with the 737 Max autopilot, which was not previously mentioned by US regulators and Boeing representatives, was also named among them.

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