Cardano Foundation Stimulates Blockchain Implementation

Blockchain is used in many industries around the world, its implementation is accelerated by several organizations that have built their own networks on this technology.

Recently, the Cardano Foundation has become a partner of the blockchain company Konfidio from Berlin. Both organizations set themselves the goal of stimulating the use of blockchain in corporations, small and medium enterprises and the government.

Collaboration information appeared on the Cardano Foundation blog:

According to the report, the implementation of the blockchain will be carried out in the field of banking, logistics, the pharmaceutical industry and financial trade, as well as in state and public services.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany provide 60% of the country’s jobs, so the focus in the work will be placed on them, in the future global corporations will be covered.

Cardano Foundation chairman Nathan Kaiser said that Berlin is an important “blockchain center” and will expand cooperation. He also believes that expansion will increase the popularity of the Cardano Foundation in Germany and Europe as a whole:

“Our strategic partnership with Konfidio was another important step towards promoting Cardano and, more importantly, expanding its use.”

The founder and CEO of Konfidio, Dr. Mervyn G. Maisty, noted that the third-generation Cardano blockchain guarantees the stability of existing business processes:

“Our goal is to improve understanding of the protocol in the corporate environment and among startups, to add value to Cardano, both for the blockchain community and for our customers.”

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