Cardano Gets First GitHub Development 🔆

▪ According to statistics released by Santiment, an authoritative source that tracks project development, Cardano (ADA) has become the cryptocurrency with the highest developer activity over the past month.

▪ According to GitHub, Cardano ranks first in the development category over the past 30 days with a score of 325 points.

▪ Cardano developments were evaluated based on the number of “events” on GitHub, including problem interactions, PR, comments and changes on Wikipedia, as well as the number of public repositories managed by the project.

▪ Over the past 30 days, according to these indicators, ADA has grown 3 times more than the average leading cryptocurrencies on the market.

▪ The Cardano development team received a very high rating. It is 73 points higher than the Ethereum development rating, 212 points higher than Aeternity, and 230 points higher than the EOS team.

▪ Since May 2019, Cardano has significantly accelerated development, surpassing all competitors and gaining 300 points. Not a single blockchain project has shown such development in such a short period of time, even Ethereum.

▪ Cardano is a Proof-of-Stake-based blockchain network created as a platform for developing large-scale decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

▪ The project is based on academic research subject to ongoing review to ensure openness and transparency. In fact, all of the research and technical specifications underlying Cardano are publicly available and open to all.

▪ The Cardano cryptocurrency was developed by IOHK, and the Cardano Foundation is responsible for development and promotion. One of the key components of the ADA roadmap is Shelly. It is about achieving complete decentralization of the blockchain network, for which a reward system will be adopted that promotes wider adoption.

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