Casa Service: Monitoring Remuneration Nodes

Casa, a cryptocurrency company that provides a service for managing a private key and a Bitcoin node machine, launches a program for monitoring nodes and rewards to improve the performance of the Bitcoin network.

Information about new Casa projects appeared on the company’s blog. According to the statement, a node monitor called Node Heartbeats establishes a short connection between the Casa server and the client’s online, synchronized and activated Tor node.

The rewards program allows users of the Casa node to earn 10,000 SatsBack per week, with 5 Heartbeat node checks performed per week on different days.

It is reported that SatsBack can be exchanged for bitcoins (BTC) once a day in the Casa Keymaster application, provided that the user has typed at least 50,000 SatsBack.

Casa believes that it is difficult for users to evaluate the health and safety of their nodes. With the help of the incentive program to increase the efficiency of the node, the company expects to improve the overall condition of the bitcoin network.

Three days ago, Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie Lee announced that he had invested in Casa:

“I have the same feeling for Casa as for Coinbase, whose team I joined in 2013 as a third employee.

Casa makes Bitcoin easy to use, and it is extremely important for this industry. I look forward to great achievements! ”

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