CEO Ripple shares Trump’s views on BTC

The discussion of cryptocurrency seems to be increasingly moving to Twitter, where on a regular basis you can find statements of one or another famous figure on digital assets.

As you know, recently, US President Donald Trump expressed support for the national currency of his country, putting in question the benefits of cryptocurrency.

Brad Garlinghouse

His tweets caused a wave of apprehension, comments and disagreement, especially from the participants in the cryptospace. Against this background, it was quite unexpected to read the statements of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghaus, who agreed with Trump’s critical remarks (including in relation to Bitcoin) and US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.

In an interview with Fox Business Garlinghouse, he added that he understands and shares criticism regarding the Libra project. In addition, he believes that:

“It is very important that we develop new technologies, while the government is concerned about the regulatory framework. I really think that some participants in cryptospace, moving away from interacting with the government, tend to circumvent the rules? Obviously, in this situation, risks must be minimized. ”

According to the CEO, any fresh technology can be used in various ways. For example, Ripple works with regulated financial institutions, such as banks, to increase the efficiency of their work:

“We are working with some of the largest banks in the world to make it easier to move money across the border.”

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