Chainalysis Launches Suspicious Transaction Warning System

Chainalysis, a cryptocurrency startup, has launched a real-time suspicious transaction alert system.

“The warning system was created in order to help cryptocurrency companies and financial organizations reduce regulatory and reputational risks, help developers better meet the requirements of regulators and focus on the most urgent actions. It will also allow more correct allocation of resources and prioritization, ”the press release said.

Currently, the system supports 15 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCH and stablecoins like DAI and USDT. At the same time, each client can configure the system for himself, set the risk parameters and the conditions under which the alarm will be triggered.

Visualizing Bitcoin Transactions – Chainalysis

“Recently, regulators and politicians have paid close attention to the industry, so it is very important to demonstrate full compliance with their requirements. In the case of hacking or any other illegal actions, every minute is important. Chainalysis offers quick, effective alerts that will help our customers mitigate risks, ”said John Dempsey, vice president of product at Chainalysis.

Recall that in early July, a study conducted by Chainalysis showed that the amount of payments in bitcoin on illegal sites can reach $ 1 billion.

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