Charlie Lee commented on the lack of changes in Litecoin code this year

Litecoin founder (LTC) Charlie Lee explained why there were no improvements or code changes to this coin in 2019. In recent weeks, many users have said that “litecoin is a dead project, no one is developing it.”

However, Charlie Lee on his twitter clarified how things really are. In his recent tweets, he explained that Litecoin has several major developers – these are Sincy Wang, Warren Togami and some others. The work of the team for several years led by Adrian Gallagher.

Lee said that judging by the number of changes recorded on the GitHub of the litecoin, one would think that in 2019 the developers of the litecoin did not work on the code. However, there are two reasons why this happens.

Firstly, the litecoin launches the changes that are in bitcoin, delayed for several months. Secondly, Charlie Lee explained that the work of developers is counted on GitHub only after they counted in the litecoin code base.

That is why, despite the fact that the work was carried out in 2019, most of the code changes were made in 2018. In addition, Charlie Lee explained that the above team is not working on the main code LTC.

“The development of Litecoin Core has been going on exactly like this all these years. The same FUD was last year! Someone looked at our branch last year and said that in 2018 the development of litecoin stopped. I bet even after these explanations of mine in 2020 there will be the same confusion. ”

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