Charlie Lee, Litecoin: the scaling issue is a thing of the past

The creator of the cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $ 4.6 billion spoke about the development of the project and explained what unresolved problems he had.

The most urgent problem for cryptocurrencies Litecoin and Bitcoin is interchangeability, according to altcoin creator Charlie Lee. According to him, the issue of network scaling has already been resolved, so now the main task is the introduction of confidential transactions, which is what the developers are doing

“Interchangeability is the only quality of a stable currency that Bitcoin and Litecoin lack. The debate about scalability is behind us, so now we can focus on fungibility and privacy. I’m working to increase Litecoin interchangeability by integrating confidential transactions, ”the creator of the cryptocurrency wrote.

Due to the fact that addresses and transaction amounts will be hidden in the Litecoin network, coins can become equivalent regardless of how they were used before. Lee promised to integrate a similar feature during 2019.

He added that the altcoin repository on Github may seem abandoned, but in fact the team continues to work on the protocol. The creator of Litecoin emphasized that many developers of the team are inactive in social networks, for example, the leading Litecoin Core programmer Adrian Harraher, who practically does not use Twitter.


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