Co-owner of the Polish Bitcoin Exchange Bitmarket found in the forest with a shot through the head

Entrepreneur and co-owner of the recently closed Bitmarket exchange Tobias Niemiro was found with a shot through his head in a forest near the city of Olsztyn in northern Poland, Decrypt reports citing local media.

The police is investigating, the exact circumstances of the death have not yet been confirmed. However, the Polish edition of Gazeta Wyborcza suggests that 44-year-old Niemiro could commit suicide.

In turn, local businessman Adam Socha said in a blog that shortly before his death, Niemiro wrote him a letter.

“The letter was long. It seems that he was on Wednesday unscrupulous businessmen. He called names. I will not disclose its contents due to an ongoing investigation. I sent this letter to the prosecutor. He also wrote that he would provide some materials, but he did not have time, ”Soch shared details.

The Bitmarket exchange suddenly ceased operations in early July, citing a “lack of liquidity.” This angered many users who lost access to funds. Thus, according to Gazeta Wyborcza, more than 400 investors lost a total of 2,300 BTC (more than $ 23 million at the current rate), and the Polish authorities began investigating the reasons for the closure of the trading floor.

After the closure of the exchange, Niemiro and another co-founder of Bitmarket, Marcin Ashkelovich, in separate statements denied allegations of misappropriation of customer funds. In addition, Niemiro, in a conversation with the Polish edition of, said that he was not responsible for managing the assets of the exchange and at the same time he himself suffered losses.

“I lost everything because someone led the marketplace to a crash. Now I am losing my face and my good name, which I worked for all my life. I am one of the victims, ”Niemiro said.

Bitmarket cryptocurrency exchange was founded in early 2014. The trading platform enjoyed considerable popularity in Poland, largely due to the support of fiat currencies and margin trading.

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