Coil partnered with Mozilla and Creative Commons

Ripple-sponsored Coil, which simplifies the adoption of XRP for payment systems of large Internet companies, has entered into a major partnership with Mozilla and Creative Commons.

Coil is founded by Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas. Recently, the company entered into an agreement with Mozilla and Creative Commons to provide a grant of $ 100 million to stimulate the Web and provide content creators with the opportunity to earn capital on their creativity, which they create for various platforms.

According to the official announcement, users will be able to maintain their favorite content even in cash, which was not possible in the past.

“Over the past few years, the Interledger Payments community group at W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has worked to resolve this issue. We developed Interledger and web monetization as the first comprehensive set of open standards for monetizing content on the Internet, ”the statement said.

The purpose of this partnership is to eradicate “separate content subscription services” and provide users with access to interesting content on individual terms by removing unnecessary barriers.

This fund was called the “Internet Grant” and is expected to deal with issues of confidentiality and personal data, as well as issues such as the distribution of “fake” news, etc. It will also function as an enhanced version of Web Monetization.

In addition, the completion of the core infrastructure of the new incentive platforms was announced. Puma Browser will be the first search engine with its own web monetization with Cinnamon. This will be the first video sharing site powered by decentralized monetization.

Last month, Ripple’s investment division, Xpring, announced a 1 billion XRP grant for Coil to create a community of “creators, consumers, and strategic partners.”

“We dream that you’ll purchase one subscription and be able to browse the entire network and support the content creators that you liked, without advertising or additional fees,” said Stefan Thomas.


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