Coinbase was better than Binance and 100 other exchanges

Coinbase was better than Binance and 100 other exchanges

Coinbase became the leader in the list, Binance – not even in the top five. Analysts used more than 30 indicators to evaluate more than 100 trading platforms A detailed list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges presented company CryptoCompare.

Its rating includes more than 100 trading platforms, which were evaluated on 30 indicators and seven criteria, including: geography, regulatory framework, investments, team and market quality.

“In response to the industry’s concern about overvalued trading volumes and the lack of reliable metrics to evaluate cryptocurrency exchanges, we launched the CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark test,” said Charles Hayter, general director of the company.

In May, the top three included Coinbase, Poloniex and Bitstamp, Binance ranked eighth, Bitfinex – 14. Experts emphasized that the situation with artificial trading volumes worsened – poor quality sites increased their performance by 30% over the past year.

Earlier, Bitwise Asset Management published a report according to which 95% of all trading volumes in the digital money market are fake. According to analysts, exchanges create artificial transactions in order to inflate the fees for listing tokens.

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