Coinbase will add new cryptocurrencies. Listing Eight Applicants

The exchange will conduct a detailed analysis of several altcoins and begin to trade them if they meet all the requirements of the company and local legislation

Coinbase, the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, said it is exploring the possibility of listing 8 altcoins. Among the applicants:


2⃣ Dash

3⃣ Decred

4⃣ Matic Network

5⃣ Harmony

6⃣ Ontology

7⃣ Waves

8⃣ Algorand

The company emphasized that over time they would like to provide their customers with access to 90% of the total market capitalization of all digital money.

“Coinbase is exploring the possibility of adding 8 new cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to support all assets that comply with our standards and local laws, ”Coinbase said.

In late July, the exchange announced the listing of the Tezos token on its platform for professional traders Coinbase Pro. Then the asset value increased by 30%, and coin trading volumes increased by 260%, although deposits were opened only yesterday, August 5.

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