Cryptobirge LAToken has added a token online bookmaker Betmatch to the listing.

On July 5, 2019, LAToken added the HVM token to the listing to BetMatch, an online bookmaker. BetMatch Tokensale will last until August 5th. This was reported in the press release of the project.

XBM holders save BetMatch commissions when placing bets and withdrawing funds.

In addition, the XBM token gives you the right to receive passive income. Renting a token to other players brings the owner 2.5% of their rates and 3% of withdrawals.

BetMatch conducted an IEO closed round in April 2018. In June 2019, the daily turnover of XBM in trading on exchanges amounted to $ 170 thousand.

In addition to the exchange LAToken XBM can be purchased at CREX24 crypto-exchange and BetMatch website.

LAToken is a decentralized cryptobirth registered in the Cayman Islands. The platform allows you to trade digital assets, participate in presale, ICO and IEO. In addition, LAToken hosts security tokens (STO).

BetMatch is an online bookmaker with an open betting pool and automatic payout of winnings through smart contracts. Platform balance is available to players. Information about rates is uploaded to the Ethereum public blockchain.

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